Decorating Techniques to Make Your Custom Glassware Stand Out

Decorating Techniques to Make Your Custom Glassware Stand Out


Representing your brand means more than slapping a logo onto a sign or product label. True branding innovation comes from integrating branded goods into the everyday lives of consumers. When it comes to beverage, hospitality or event spaces, branded glasses are an excellent way to literally get your brand and products into the hands of consumers.

Decorating isn’t just limited to commercial customers either. Having your wedding or event glassware decorated adds sentimental and bespoke elements to your special occasion, and provides quests with a functional keepsake.

Not only do guests or punters get exposed to your brand and message at the time, photos taken and spread throughout social media continue your branding well beyond the physical glass. When it comes to decorating glasses with custom logos and messages, there are a variety of techniques available and considerations to take into account.

Automatic Printing:

This technique uses a combination of silk screen lines to adhere complex, coloured designs to glass, and is particularly suitable for large numbers of glassware requiring general logos and promotional material. It’s an efficient an affordable method of getting your brand out there without breaking the bank.

Relief Glass

A classy, yet very subtle way of presenting your logo, with your design appearing as a tactile, protruding decoration. This method involves cutting out the background of the logo/design so you can physically feel the design.


This is one of the most common and iconic methods of glass decoration, with many well-known brands such as Peroni including frosted glass designs in their branded merchandise collateral. Also known as etching, frosting is achieved through applying an acidic application to the glass. Etching, or frosting, has been around as long as glass has, and is a beautiful technique for understated branding.

Thermo Colours

These decorative glazes can change shades depending on if they are filled with hot or cold liquids, giving your glassware a truly unique effects.

UV Ink

One of the most environmentally sensitive materials, UV ink is free of solvents and heavy metals, and have become famous for creating colour brilliance and vibrant logos. UV ink is also one of the most durable printing solutions and can withstand many washes, ideal for use in pubs or high traffic venues.

Of course, as with any form of art, when it comes to high quality results, you need to start with high quality materials. Glassware such as the SAHM range make the perfect base for excellent decorative results.

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