Monobloc Knives


Monobloc Knives

Monobloc knives are the result of knives being crafted from a single block of steel. This steel block is usually an 18/8 or 18/10 chrome-nickel steel stainless-steel grades, although this block could also be 18/0 chrome steel (18 indicating the chromium content and 0 indicating the nickel content).

The monobloc process means that the size of a block of steel directly impacts the size of the knife. A 20-centimetre block will therefore produce a knife 20 centimetres long.

As these knives are forged from a single block, they often retain a simple, modern elegance simply not found in two-piece knives. The entire knife often contains the same beautiful shimmering surface if a mirror finish is used, or it can be coated with a coloured glaze or PVD coating.

Monobloc knife design can take advantage of the existing simple metal template, producing a clean, highly minimalist look. Subtle curves might still make these kinds of knives unique. Alternatively, these knives can feature intricately carved patterns on their handles while still retaining their one-piece design.

Champions of design

Monobloc knives are not simply aesthetically beautiful cutlery pieces, though. Forged knives are usually exquisitely balanced due to their one-piece design. Although forged monobloc knives may be weightier than their laser-cut or pressed or stamped siblings, the associated weight translates to a knife that will retain its quality for a lifetime. The blades of these knives retain their sharpness for longer, and they feel much more pleasing to grip in the hand.

This can potentially pose a problem for individuals not used to holding weightier knives when they eat and may find it uncomfortable. This weight soon grows to be intuitive with use, however, so this should not dissuade those curious.

The high quality of monobloc knives is often demonstrated in the comparatively high cost of these knives as compared to two-piece knives. With regards to monobloc specifically, the forged varieties tend to also be more expensive than the pressed kinds

Introduce monobloc into your cutlery collection today

The exquisite range of Sola cutlery available at JM Style features a wide range of monobloc knives in a number of different styles to suit different tastes. These knives are available in both forged and pressed forms, with minimalist and detailed designs available.

The Sola monobloc knives are also available with a PVD coating, resulting in eye-catching matte blacks, coppers and golds.

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