Decanter Rona sidelong 1200ml S0093/62569

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Sidelong Decanter, 1.2L from Rona makes you enjoy exquisite wines.

Made from lead-free crystal glass for a sparkling look with resilience.
Meets the requirements of the international hospitality industry for quality assurance.
Unique shape, with a hooked tail, adds a contemporary conversation-starter to your collection.
Over a litre capacity to serve your family and friends around the dinner table.
Decanter allows wine to breathe before serving, resulting in a superior taste.
Tail sits on the table, adding stability to the decanter.
Dishwasher safe against detergent chemicals for convenient cleaning.
Perfect for indulging in a drop during dinner or for special occasions with friends and family.
Hand made for superior craftsmanship and quality.

Packaged in a stylish gift box to make the perfect present for any special occasion.