Properly Setting Up Cutlery for Any Occasion

Setting a table properly can be the perfect final touch for a formal dinner, and has the potential to completely make or break an evening. Even with the most extravagant layout, an improper cutlery table setting may leave guests confused and even question your role as the esteemed host!

In this blog, JM Style demonstrate the ways in which table cutlery can be set out so that next time you throw a dinner party or host a formal event, you’ll be completely prepared.

Informal occasions

Just because you’re throwing a casual party, there’s no sense in ignoring basic table setting. An attractive table setup can go a long way, no matter the kinds of guests you’re having over. In informal dining situations, forks, plates, butter knife and napkins are placed to the left of the dinner plate, while knives, spoons and glasses (whether they be wine glasses or tumblers) are placed to the left.

Formal Occasions

Just as in informal occasions, side plates and forks are placed to the left of the dinner plate and knives and spoons are placed to the right. As several courses are served during formal occasions, all of the necessary cutlery will already be set up for the guest with the cutlery being used first placed on the outside of each side. In this way, as a guest finishes a meal, the cutlery will be removed and they will be ready to start on the next course.

Smaller rules also apply in these circumstances – the blades of the knives should be facing towards the plate, and the prongs of the forks should be facing upwards. Dessert forks and spoons are placed above the setting, with the dessert fork pointing to the right and the dessert spoon pointing to the left.

If salad and soup are to be served during the meal, the salad plate should be placed on top of the dinner plate and the soup bowl is then placed on top of the salad plate. A water and wine glass is placed to the right of the setting, with a white wine and red wine glass being placed if both wines are being poured over the course of the evening.

Make your own beautiful setting

The beautiful Sola range available at JM Style is perfect for both formal and informal dinner occasions, and is available in a huge variety of styles to suit any taste. For any questions about table setting or the Sola range, get in touch with us today.

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