SAHM Glass Decoration Techniques

When you decide on what glass suits your business, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to stick to the plain and ordinary. There are, in fact, many ways that you can tailor your glass to specifically demonstrate something to a target audience. This flexibility, combined with huge options for the type of glass, can mean the final product can be very unique

SAHM’s 7 methods of glass decoration

SAHM have demonstrated their proficiency with glass decoration through seven unique ways to decorate a variety of glassware. In this blog, we walk you through the available options so that you can better decide the right choice for you.

SAHM automatic printing

High quality 8-colour silk-screen lines allow for the manufacture of both simple and complex decors. This method is suitable for logos and promotional decors.

SAHM special gold or platinum

For those wanting a bit of sparkle, glass decoration with gold and platinum can be used to ornament a company logo or the rim of a glass. In this process, glazes with an actual proportion of genuine precious metals are used.

Relief glass

This style is an interesting way of physically presenting the brand in the glass material itself, which results in a pleasantly tactile finish.

SAHM frosting

The beautiful frosting effect is created by treating glasses in an acidic immersion bath, which make the surface of the glass slightly rough. This style is ideal for those wanting a velvety surface for their glass.

SAHM relief printing

A more cost-effective alternative to relief glassware, relief printing nonetheless offers a beautiful looking end result. As these are more viable in small production runs than relief glasses, this style is often a great option for those needing a smaller amount of glassware.

SAHM thermo colours

Thermos are glazes that change shades depending on temperature and will display different colours depending on whether the glass is hot or cold.

UV ink

UV Ink is very much an eco-friendly option – UV-curable screen printing inks do not contain harmful solvents or risky heavy metals. They are also renowned for impressive colour brilliance and the option for photorealistic illustrations. These prints are also hardy, surviving hundreds of washes with no loss of quality.

Find out more about SAHM’s glass decoration
When considering the available options, it can be very hard to choose the right glass for you – whether you might like frosted pressed or clear blown glasses, standard shapes with a custom design, or whether you’re deciding between a goblet and a tankard, JM Style are here to help. Send us any queries you might have, and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect SAHM glass for you.

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