Hotel porcelain from Karlovy Vary

G. Benedikt company has been producing it in its home country for 140 years, professionally with 100% devotion and love. From thoroughly selected local raw materials of the Czech origin. There is a choice from 13 collections and several patterns.

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Bowl 13cm CHC1413 Vintage
Bowl 15cm G1Q1415 Granit
Bowl 15cm G1X1415 Granit
Bowl 15cm G4Q1415 Granit
Bowl 15cm G4Y1415 Granit
Bowl 15cm V3Q1415 Granit
Bowl 16cm CHC1416 Vintage
Bowl 19cm B1Q1420 Granit
Bowl 19cm G1Q1420 Granit
Bowl 19CM G1X1420 Granit
Bowl 19cm G4Q1420 Granit
Bowl 19cm G4Y1420 Granit
Bowl 19cm S0Q1420 Granit
Bowl 23cm NAM1423 Nami
Bowl 25.5cm NAM1626 Nami
Cover of TEAP CHC4260 Vintage
Cover of TEAP NAM4260 Nami
Cup 6cm NAM0610 Nami
Cup 7.3cm NAM0619 Nami
Cup 8cm CHC0815 Vintage
Cup 9.2cm CHC0825 Vintage
Cup 9.6cm NAM0630 Nami
Deep plate 27.5cm NAM1927 Nami
Flat plate 16cm CHC2116 Vintage


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