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Helping you to get your brands into the customers’ minds and your products into their stomachs

Customising & Consolidating orders

Customising & Consolidating orders

The use of higher transportation capacity decreases environmental damage and energy waste

Import & Distribution

Import & Distribution

Reliable production capacity, constant availability and short delivery times


Regional beverage manufacturers and international corporations can place complete trust in the expertise of JM Style. Our unique service provides a seamless experience from in-depth consulting on brand positioning and creation of modern, innovative glass designs through to superior logistic and delivery of quality glassware.


JM Style team is very keen to assist you through the whole process of decisions in terms of glassware, cutlery or plastic products. We are able to provide you all the necessary information influencing your choice to come up with the right product for your or your customer’s need. We will create the right glass decoration for you – not only as a manufacturer, but also as a creative brand consultant. Our team of decoration designers are at your disposal with new ideas and years of experience, helping you to get your brands into the customers’ minds and your products into their stomachs.

We are members of CBIA, Drinks Association and also cooperating with some other suppliers to the industry. We also offer Weight and Measure Certificate according to National Measurement Institute NMI 4.3  – Alcoholic Beverage Measures.

Customising & Consolidating orders

Consolidation, a powerful logistics strategy that combines two or more products, brand or range reduces the costs of shipments into an aggregate load to be delivered at once. The use of higher transportation capacity decreases environmental damage and energy waste, which represents an expanse and thus, JM Style brings the solution – customizable consolidated order.

Businesses should strive to become smarter in their use of resources in their operations by any means possible, as customers are demanding more in terms of sustainability.

Import & Distribution

We guarantee to our customers reliable production capacity, constant availability and short delivery times. Ideally on a global scale. Smooth logistics are therefore one of the key factors for our success. The central planks of our logistics concept at JM Style are close collaboration with high-performance transport companies, a state-of-the-art high rack warehouse with RFID technology and a comprehensive network of production and warehouse sites in Europe, Asia and Australia. Whether global or nationwide, JM Style is your fast and flexible partner for high-quality brand glasses and celery, and logistics tasks.

New Product Lines

Expanding a product line is an important growth strategy for small businesses that want to increase revenue or market share.

Products, which no longer meet customer needs becomes inferior to products that have taken advantage of newer materials or technologies. JM Style through the network and logistics capabilities helps to its customers to avoid losing business to competitors with higher performance products.

One of our key strategies is to seek new versions of an existing product, upgrades to existing products or completely new products.

Branding & Decorative Design

Creativity and inventiveness are the basic requirement of any business or product that wants to stand out from the competition. This is just as true for your beers, wines and spirits as it is for your glasses. Glasses with an innovative design help to create an unmistakable brand identity and a unique position in the market. They make people want to drink your product and prompt them to buy it.

Comprehensive expertise in conception and design coupled with a deep understanding of glass production, various grades of manufacturing quality and effective in-house decoration technology make the team at JM Style & SAHM a dependable all-round partner for your custom branded glasses.

Innovation & Problem Solving

Here, in our company we are constantly analyzing the needs of our customers. We are creating and implementing new products and ideas, which they can help them to save the time and money. It also gives to our customers the competitive advantage to grow and adapt their businesses in the marketplace.

Businesses that innovate create more efficient work processes and have better productivity and performance.