JM Style Celsyum Whisky 260mL


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Celsyum is a perfectly designed glass with a revolutionary method of keeping a drink cold or hot for up to one hour. It provides you with long-lasting enjoyment with your favourite drink. Its lines are carefully thought out, and its innovative usefulness results from passion for perfection. Perfection at invaluable moments when there is no room for diluted beverages with distorted flavours due to ice cooling.

Serve your drink ice cold, now without ice.

How does Celsyum glass work?
Unscrew the rack and remove the gel filled cartridge.
Place the cartridge in the freezer for two hours.
Put the cartridge back in the rack and screw it back on.
Your favorite drink stays cold for up to an hour.

Weight (gr):353
Volume (cl):26
Height (mm):99
Diameter (mm):96